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SKIMS – Why we are excited about Kim Kardashian’s latest endeavor

Kim Kardashian West recently presented us with the new name of her intimate and shapewear line, SKIMS Solutionwear, after being globally chastised for the previous name “Kimono.”

Despite the vicious backlash, she gracefully apologized on social media and tweeted her followers on Tweeter to help her choose a new name. The name Skimwear kept popping up as it included Kim’s name and referred to skin, which was the idea behind her shapewear collection, being a second skin.

Sadly, there has been some controversy surrounding the new name with a Twitter user accusing Kim Kardashian of selling their idea for the name of her collection. Stating that they tweeted the name Skim for skin and Kim together, when Kim called out to her fans for suggestions.

skims solutionwear by kim kardashian

Kim did however thank all of her followers for their suggestions, admitting that they inspired her to choose the final name Skims. It would be impossible for Kim to personally thank the thousands of suggestions she received in choosing the new name for her shapewear brand.

Finally, Kim has wrapped up the whole naming process and finally announced when she will be releasing her Solution shapewear. The official launch will happen on the 10th of September. Besides the name change, everything else in her shapewear collection will be exactly the same. Thankfully the demands regarding taking legal action against Kim Kardashian have been dropped and we can finally buy Kim’s inclusive line of body shaping wear.

You can expect to find a wide range of sizes from XXS to 4XL, with certain styles going up to 5XL. Unlike other shapewear brands that only come in three generic colors, the entire Skims by Kim Kardashian collection will come in nine tonal colors. We are really excited to order the Solution Short, which is a high-waisted boy short with one shorter leg, designed to be worn with dresses or skirts with a high-slit.

Kim Kardashian wrote on her Instagram account that she loves the fact that her collection will closely match everyone’s unique skin tone. Kim understands how uncomfortable shapewear can be, so she made sure that her brand wouldn’t only be functional but comfortable. All of the products are made from powerful compressing fabrics that feel incredibly soft against the skin.

Kim is the queen of curves and she understands the power of accentuating them in all the right areas to look your best. All of her shapewear will precisely support your body where it needs it most and highlight those curves so you turn heads.

A few weeks ago, the 38-year old reality star and entrepreneur posted a picture of herself on her Instagram account wearing a Skims shapewear sculpting black bodysuit, while sitting on the edge of her marble bathroom. She looks nothing less than amazing! We can’t wait to slip into some of Kim’s shapewear magic, trust us we will be ordering one of everything!

We are still unsure at the actual costs of her shapewear and intimate wear, but we do know that we can order Skims Solutionwear on September 10 of this year. If you want to be the first one to have access to Kim Kardashian’s collection, then be sure to sign up for the Skims website.

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