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Why Doing a Digital Detox on Vacation?

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Today’s society is evolving by leaps and bounds in the field of technology. We haven’t finished getting to know one device in depth when another one comes onto the market with more enthusiasm than the last one. On a psychological level, this has an impact that shapes our way of thinking and being in the world. Addiction to the use of new technologies means a continuous sensory stimulation. Small but constant bursts of interruptions. This means that we do not allow ourselves to be in an activity long enough to go deeper into it because our attention span is reduced.

Mobile phone calls, emails, Whatsapp or social networks are an inexhaustible source of over-stimulation. Using an electronic device as a form of entertainment is not negative in itself but can interfere with our ability to relate to others by becoming more socially isolated. New technologies are neither good nor bad, it all depends on the use or abuse we make of them. If disregarding its use for a reasonable period of time causes you discomfort, decontrol or nervousness, start considering the idea of performing a digital detox, especially on vacation.

A healthy lifestyle is based on the balance of life areas such as work, friends and family, physical and mental health, physical environment, leisure, fun and personal and spiritual development. Psychology recommends a moderate and balanced use of technologies that allow the individual to develop in the rest of the areas of his life, being an ally in our favor and not an enemy that reduces harmony to our existence.

From Journey America we recommend you to practice relaxation and concentration activities such as Mindfulness or treatments that promote relaxation such as acupuncture, massage, use of therapeutic waters, etc., which will help us to reduce the mental revolutions caused by the abuse of electronic devices.

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