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When to buy maternity clothing?

maternity clothing

Once the excitement of discovering that you’re finally pregnant begins to sink in, then the fun starts. It’s time for shopping not just for the future addition to your family but also for yourself. Shopping for cheap maternity clothes is part of the joy of being pregnant – time for a whole new wardrobe.

There are no rules carved in stone when it comes to buying maternity clothes. Some mums-to-be rush out to buy new maternity clothes the minute they discover they are expecting but others wait till the first trimester (3 months).

But finding the maternity dresses and clothes that actually flatter your constantly changing curves is harder than Instagram wants you to believe. We have compiled everything you need to know about figuring out which maternity clothes will look the best on you for each trimester.

General rules of thumb for buying maternity clothes

Everyone is going tell you about how their pregnancy was and how yours will be exactly the same. The truth is that nobody experiences the same pregnancy, as every body is different and unique. That is why some expecting mommies will start dishing out big bucks for plus size maternity clothes during the first month and others later on.

But here are some little hints that your body is trying to tell you that you need to switch your skinny jeans for a pair of maternity jeans.

  • Your spandex leggings suddenly are your go-to outfit
  • Everyday, all-day you just feel bloated and uncomfortable in just about every single piece of clothing in your closet
  • Your favourite button-down blouses don’t actually button-down
  • The baby belly starts to play peek-a-boo from under a shirt that is suddenly too short
  • When you need to unbutton your pants and you haven’t even devoured a huge meal

Most first-time moms find they need to start wearing maternity pants and a larger more comfortable bra at about 4 months into their pregnancy. But this can vary greatly depending on your height, body shape and whether you have previously had a baby before. Typically, first time mommies tend to pop their baby belly later than second time mommies.

Most experienced moms recommend mommies holding off on running out and buying maternity wear until you reach the three months of your pregnancy. The shape of your belly will begin to take form during your second trimester and that is when you want look for items that will show off your baby belly! That is unless you happen to stubble upon some stylish cheap maternity clothes!

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Here are maternity wear must-haves that you will not only love during your pregnancy and post-pregnancy as your body adapts to it’s new shape.

Say hello to the Maxi-dress: Look for maternity dresses that are more form fitting to show off your baby bump. Plus, loose fitting dresses will look frumpier as your body changes. Best part about maxi dresses is they have a huge assortment and styles of plus size maternity dresses.

You can never have too many T-shirts: Look for stretchy T-shirts that are neutral colors such as white, black and grey. This will be your favourite look especially with a pair of maternity jeans.

Love those leggings: Already have a love affair with your leggings, well, get ready fall in love all over again with your leggings while you are pregnant. They mould to your daily-changing body and are oh-so-comfy.

Yes, you will need big ugly granny undies: Believe us when we tell you that you will want extra support just about everywhere from your underwear and bras. Look for supportive bras and boy short panties with a high waist.

Avoid this common mistake when buying maternity clothes

Buying maternity dresses and pants too soon into your pregnancy can actually cause you to gain extra weight that has nothing to do with baby weight. We know that wearing those maternity pants can be super-comfy but you will feel like eating more than you really need.

Comfy clothes mean relaxing and taking the “eating for two” philosophy a little too far. Plus those extra pounds don’t just melt away after your baby is born. Look for extenders to get a little more use out of your regular jeans and once that little belly pops out, then you can start thinking about wearing maternity clothes.

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