Styling on July 29, 2019

What not to wear to a summer wedding


Calendar check: Wedding season is here! Yes, summer is officially here when the wedding invites start rolling in. Recently, couples are getting more creative about sharing their nuptials, meaning unique destinations or beach weddings or formal weddings.

Once you send “RVSP” that you will be attending their special day, you need to start thinking about what you are going wear. We don’t want to tell you what to wear, but there are some definite ‘no no’s’ that you should never, ever wear to a wedding.

Even though weddings are less restrictive than ten years ago, there still exists an unspoken wedding dress code that shows that you respect the newly married couple and the meaning of the ceremony.


Even off-white or beige tones and we almost forgot pale-blue hues are off limits for any wedding. We know that you look totally adorable in a white dress but we are positive the bride will un-friend you if you wear white on her special day and her white dress cost way more than yours did. Remember you are the guest and this day is not about you but about the bride.


No matter how casual the wedding is, we can guarantee that it is never that casual that you can wear your athleisure wear to the event such as sweat pants or leggings. Listen to your mom’s words of advice when she told you that it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. If you are worried about how comfortable you might be on a hot day, then opt for a cotton or linen dress.


Unless it is a country barn dance theme, you should never ever wear any type of denim. That means no jean jackets, jeans or jean skirts even if they have been dyed another color. Jeans are too casual and come on, be honest with yourself; you can wear jeans literally any other day of the year. If you really want to wear blue, then look for a blue dress but made from a different fabric.


This rule applies to both men and women, we know it’s hot out there but shorts are just too informal for any wedding. We have dealt with more difficult fashion situations, so we will survive a few hours at a hot and sticky wedding. If you are really concerned about the heat, opt for breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton.


We know you look fantastic in that strapless gown but if you are attending a more formal ceremony in a church or institution that requires a more modest dress code, then show respect by covering up. You can still look fashionable by covering yourself up with a silk shawl or a cute little cardigan. The same goes for your legs. If you are wearing an ultra miniskirt, cover them up while sitting during the ceremony.


There is one exception to the rule about it’s better to overdress than to be underdressed. If you are invited to a garden party and the dress code is semi-formal – don’t wear a ball gown. You will end up looking like a fool and everyone will be posting pictures online that you are the worst dressed person at the wedding. Follow the dress code!

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