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Victoria Secret Annual Fashion Show Has Officially Been Cancelled This Year

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Victoria Secret has held their annual fashion show since 1995 at New York’s Plaza Hotel. It started off as a small runway event but quickly transformed into one of the most famous catwalk events in the world.

In 1999, it become a televised event, showing each year’s latest group of Angels clad in jewels, feathers and sensual lingerie. In 2001, the fashion show was aired and had more than 12 million viewers and the rates were soaring each year. But the last two years, there have been fewer than 3.5 million viewers and network television has decided that Victoria Secret doesn’t have the “right fit.”

But this year Victoria Secret’s schedule is looking a little bare, as they have just announced that there will be no Fashion Show this year.

Victoria Secret has been under a lot of heat lately, after receiving backlash on social media for the lack of diversity with their models. All of their models are required to follow a strict training program, so they don’t have an ounce of fat on their bodies. The last few years, their ratings have steadily been dropping, due to this fact.

A few weeks ago, Victoria Secret announced that their iconic catwalk show would not be broadcast on public television. But nobody expected that the show would be actually cancelled altogether.

Shanina Shaik of Australia, got her raise to fame when she walked her first Victoria Secret catwalks in 2011 and has been a Victoria Secret Angel ever since. She was shocked that the fashion show was cancelled, as every year around this time, all of the Angels start a rigorous training regime to get in shape for the show.

The 28-year-old model is positive that Victoria Secret will bring back their iconic fashion show in the future. All of the Angels are speculating about when and how Victoria Secret will bring about the best lingerie show in the world.

Interesting enough, the CEO of Victoria Secret, announced that they don’t think network television is the “right fit” for them either. The CEO, Les Wexner also reposted that they are rethinking about how they can recreate the brand Victoria Secret and the traditional show.

The future of this 42-year-old company is looking bleak at the moment as it based its sales on selling and promoting a fantasy of sexism and exploiting women’s bodies. We all agree that lacey, satin lingerie is sensual but Victoria Secret has given the world the impression that only women who are a size 0 can wear lingerie. Women are tired of being told what beautiful is and are spending their money elsewhere.

Maybe that is why they have seen a 3% decline each season for the past three years. Victoria Secret has been in the lingerie business for almost four decades but they haven’t grown with their consumer tastes and sadly have stayed in the past.

For fashion models, it is one of the most prestigious catwalks they will ever walk in their lives, transforming them into an Angel. Some of the models rose to fame after walking the Victoria Secret’s catwalk such as Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel.

Victoria Secret has just hired their first trans-gender model, so maybe this is the first step in the direction of embracing inclusivity that their customers are demanding. It will be interesting to see how they step up their brand in the next few months.

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