Review on April 18, 2019

The two Faces of Spanx

Spanx’s two-faced facade has been revealed to the world – one side shows their feminist side but the reality is that they are compressing women back into this sexist society. Now they are trying to change their image for one that is more body positive, but will it work or is too late?

Being compressed to fit into an image that society expects that women look like is so 15 years ago. Women today are empowered, liberated and have the confidence to be proud of their real bodies. The last thing they want to hear is that they are being classified into a certain body shape or size.

Spanx philosophy was about helping real women squeeze into what the so-called real beauty was – the ideal figure. Women today are happy with their bodies; even though they still love shapewear, they do not love Spanx.

Just look at how people dress at the airport nowadays and compare that to 15 years ago, when Spanx emerged. People are wearing their sweat pants, comfortable leggings or yoga pants. It is almost impossible to see someone in a business suit or something of the sort.

Times have changed, but the question is why is Spanx still living in the past? Today’s woman has totally revolutionized everything, including standards of dress and appearance. It’s more about comfort and being comfortable with your imperfect body. In contrast, in the past, the emphasis was on looking perfect, no matter how uncomfortable you felt. The pressure was more about fitting into what society expected you to look like. Today it is about wearing what makes you feel good!

The company’s executives at Spanx realize that their fat-shaming advertising methods that worked in the past, is now considered to be belittling women. Spanx has created a new line of styles and products hoping to entice their clients back, by offering a collection of pants and bodysuits that are less constricting and more smoothing. They are trying to remove from their image the old-fashioned, constricting, body shrinking products from which they became famous.

Even though Spanx is trying to change their image (, sales are not going up. Plus, they are facing a serious court case for copyright infringements. Things are not looking positive for Spanx.

On the other hand, athleisure wear is gaining more popularity, as women are loving the comfort of being able to bend over to pick their child up at the park, without pain. Also, women want to get the light compression they need from a simple pair of yoga pants without having to buy an expensive constrictive undergarment.

The truth is that Spanx is turning into a long line of bad jokes and being related to something your mother would have worn. Women associate the word Spanx not with smoothing shapewear but as something that squeezes the bejesus out of you and tries to push you into this culture of perfection.

Fashion designers are reaching out to make their product “inclusive” and not “exclusive”. They are acknowledging that we are diverse and we come in all sorts of beautiful, sexy bodies that shouldn’t be made to look like an anorexic Victoria Secret model.

Marie-Eve Faust, Fashion Merchandiser sums the change for accepting diversity perfectly by stating that people worldwide are embracing diversity and fashion designers and companies have two choices – either put everyone on a strict diet or adjust our apparel to fit the demographics where they live.

Women today just want to be comfortable and not change their shape.

Stephanie. M was fed up with her constricting wardrobe and felt its wasn’t only compressing her body but her personality. It was affecting her job as creative graphic designer; she sensed she needed to change from the Spanx for a more comfortable line of shapewear.

Stephanie isn’t alone in making this decision. There are literally thousands of posts online of women telling the world that they are trashing their Spanx.

Really, why would you want to support a company such as Spanx, that is promoting hypocrisy by their marketing of products to mold women’s bodies? They market sucking in fat, changing your body and size, basically turning you into someone who you aren’t. Would you feel empowered by wearing a product made by a company who wants you conform?

Thankfully, there new shapewear companies emerging that are all about empowering women worldwide to do want you want, wear what you want and to love your body.

Be empowered by liberating yourself from companies that are living in the ice age.

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