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Top Celebrities That Went From Flab to Fab – Weight Loss Success Stories

Who of us doesn’t envy the flawless, perfectly slim celebrities bodies? And to make matters worse, they go bragging to the world that they eat whatever they want and still look perfect, making all of our feeble dieting attempts seem like a complete waste of time.

Ready for some serious weight loss motivation? Most celebrities have to struggle to retain their slim, trim figure and some of them have even had to lose the extra pounds for health reasons.

Ahead are some motivational weight loss success stories about how they have lost their weight and kept it off.

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Jennifer Hudson


Hudson proved to the world that dreams do come true off the movie set, as she has lost more that 80 pounds (dropping from a size 16 to a size 6) and she has kept it off for more than 8 years.

Despite her busy lifestyle as an actress, singer, superstar and mother, she slimmed down and gained a new refreshing outlook on life. She joined Weight Watchers to help get down to a healthy weight.

Her weight loss suggestion is to see it as a lifestyle change and not as a diet.

Mariah Carey


Carey started her career, looking like a Latina Barbie doll but after giving birth to her beautiful twins, Moroccan and Monroe she couldn’t lose that extra baby fat. After being viciously body shunned by some horrible critics, she enlisted with the Jenny Craig system to lose weight.

She found that the more weight that she gained the harder and harder it was just to perform simple tasks, plus she felt insecure and vulnerable. Mariah followed a low carb diet that was high in protein and slowly worked her way up to exercising regularly, setting small goals each month.

Her weight loss suggestion is to stop following fad diets and start eating smart.

Ricki Lake


Ricki Lake transformed before our eyes when she was on Dancing with the Stars, losing more than 20 pounds. Lake admits that she has never been a fan of exercising, but dancing was fun and the pounds just began to roll off, which motivated her to combine exercise with a low calorie diet.

Lake was facing serious health problems due to being obese, but feels like she just doesn’t have a smaller waist line now but a sense of self pride, better sex life and feels more energetic.

Her weight loss suggestion for you is find a physical activity that you feel excited about.

Jordin Sparks


American Idol alum and superstar has lost more than 50 pounds but not from following a low-carb diet. She started by cutting out all of the sugary drinks from her diet, such as iced coffees and soda. Plus, she stopped chowing down on late night dinners and snacks, which was a challenge because she was on the road a lot.

She says that her exercise routine wasn’t to have an expensive professional trainer, but simply walking around the block. Jordan has learned to accept her body, realizing that she comes from a line of girls who have meat on their bones and that it is beautiful but that too much isn’t healthy.

Her weight loss suggestion for you is learn to listen your body and stop eating when you are full.

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