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The Reconciliation Between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

You need to calm Down music video

Within the pop culture, we learned of many fights and many reconciliations between celebrities so the fight and recent reconciliation between singer Katy Perry and composer Taylor Swift could not overlook us.

In Taylor Swift’s most recent video, “You need to calm Down” we can appreciate the participation of several artists, among which, at the end of the video is Katy Perry who, in a hamburger costume, hugs Taylor Swift in a hug wearing a French Fries costume.

Although this appearance happens in a few seconds, the reconciliation between the two artists takes about a year of the process. It all started with a letter from Katy Perry during the season when Taylor Swift was on Tour with her latest album Reputation and ended with this appearance of Perry in Swift’s most recent video clip.

Fans are waiting for these two artists to be able to work next in music together. We will see how this friendship will continue.

Source: Elle.com

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