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Taylor Swift’s New Single ‘The Archer’ and Her Fans Are Emotional

taylor swfit's new single the archer

Taylor Swift has just released her latest single “Archer” for her upcoming album called “Lover.” The video includes the actual lyrics for the song, which has created online treasure hunt searching for clues as to the meaning of the song.

But Taylor didn’t leave her fans hanging. Just before she officially released the song “Archer” online, she did an informative Live Instagram Session. This provided her fans with a little insight into the context of the song.

On this live video she stated, “There’s a lot that’s covered emotionally. (Archer) was produced by Jack Antonoff.” He is the same producer that worked along with Swift with producing the songs “Look What You made Me Do” and “New Year’s Day.”

Taylor released the track number five of her upcoming album “Lover” on Tuesday, July 23. Taylor is known for making her fifth track on all of her albums to be emotionally charged, personal and giving us a glimpse into her vulnerability. Taylor admits that it was completely coincidence in the beginning, but now it is a deliberate choice for all of her new albums.

But on her Instagram live feed she mentioned something that caused the treasure hunting frenzy. She told her fans that she had been planting clues or hidden clues for this new video in her social media accounts for the past few months.

Fans were trying to delve into her social pictures or comments for the past months. Many new theories have come up but one theory seems to be the subject of her fans’ thoughts. Many seem to think that the song “Archer” is a follow-up to the song “Delicate,” which was also the fifth track but on her last album called “Reputation.”

In the song “Delicate”, she sings the following: “But you can make me a drink – Dive bar on the east side, where you at?” And in the newly released single “Archer” fans believe that actual name of the song is making reference to a dive bar on the East Side of London, especially since she has been spending quite a bit of time in the UK recently.

But other fans claim that the name of the hit track “Archer” is a reference to astrology, mostly because Swift is a Sagittarius. The original sign for the astrology sign is a Human archer as a centaur. Fans claim she is singing about the two different sides to her personality.

The fans seem to agree on only one factor, that this track five “Archer” is this summer’s number heartbreaker. Her fans have posted endless tweets and hashtags about how it is a tearjerker.

The lyrics in the hit single “Archer” also make mention to friendship when she sings the following: “All the king’s horses, all the king’s men, couldn’t put me back together again, cause all my enemies started out friends.” Most of us have felt the deception by a friend and apparently so has Swift.

Swift has done it again by creating yet another hit single and we are positive that when she releases the actual album “Lover” it will be this year’s top album.

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