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Summer – The hottest fashion trends and celebrity style

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This year’s summer is already promising to be a hot one with the record-breaking temperatures and some sizzling fashion trends that will change the way you dress this summer.

Summer represents blissful warm days lying on the beach and spending time with loved ones. But one of the main reasons that we love summertime is because our favorite celebs also go on vacation. Obviously, we look to them for cues on how to dress up our flip-flops and floppy sunhat.

Get your ultimate summer wardrobe inspiration from the following celebrities that have kept their style game on even while chilling at the beach or casually window shopping.

Find out what to wear this summer – poolside, deck-side, beachside or wherever you plan venture this summer season.

Lily Aldridge

Instagram @lilyaldridge

Instagram @lilyaldridge

This Victorian Secret Angel proves that you don’t have to only wear sandals during the warm summer months, by wearing a closed black leather mule with a gold ankle bracelet.

Get her relaxed look by wearing a mid-calf length white linen dress, tied at the waist. Sporting a pair of bigger than life shades and pull your hair back into a feminine bun.

Selena Gomez

Instagram @selenagomez

Instagram @selenagomez

Selena proved that just because summer is here doesn’t been you have to say goodbye to your over-the-knee winter boots. Selena actually isn’t wearing boots here because she swapped her boots in for black espadrilles, making this 90’s style this year’s biggest trend.

Get her look by wearing a short mini shirt with a sexy one-piece black bodysuit underneath with a long black blazer that you can take off later when the weather warms up. Finish off the look by tying your hair back into a low ponytail and big round black sunglasses.

Selena is a great leggings lover, so don’t doubt to use them and combine them with some other casual style clothing. Like she does and you can see here.

Pernille Teisback

Instagram @pernilleteisbaek

Instagram @pernilleteisbaek

This stylist and Instagram model shows us that tie dyed items can be fashionable and sophisticated. We loved her toned down earthy color for her tie-dyed dress, instead of the bright florescent colors that are often associated with tie-dyed ensembles.

Get the look by making your own tie-dyed blouse using earthly tones such as green. Wear with a pair of short white shorts or white leggings for a fresh take on this look. Make sure to throw on a several bracelets and a big watch with a pair of John Lennon styled sunglasses.

Bella Hadid

Instagram @bellahadid

Instagram @bellahadid

Bella showed us how to pull off this year’s trend of sporting logos even while on summer vacation. She gave us fashion envy with her short Nike crew-top with loose fitting jogging pants that cropped at the ankle.

Get the look by sporting your favorite logo such as Adidas to Nike even Fila or Champion logos – basically any type of athletic insignia’s are this summer’s biggest rage. Pull the look together with a pair of white high-tops.

Rebecca de Ravenel

Instagram @rderavenel

Instagram @rderavenel

The creator of the Les Bonbons earrings shows us how to rock this summer’s hottest trend – statement earrings. She believes that earrings are meant to be the showpiece of your entire ensemble.

Get the look by dressing around your jewelry, making your oversized earrings be your statement piece. Choose subdued tones for your top and tuck it into a pair of high-waisted jean shorts.

Gigi Hadid

Instagram @gigihadid

Instagram @gigihadid

Gigi shows us how to wear sweatpants with pride even while walking the streets in a metropolitan city. The key is pairing your sweatpants with a monochromatic sweat top.

Get this look by wearing loose-fitting sweatpants that are not baggy with a same colored sweat top. Make sure that your hair is tied back or made into a loose bun or ponytail and carry a nice, stylish black purse (not a gym bag cause you don’t want look like you are going to the gym).

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