Styling on February 21, 2019

Sumer office looks for women

Summer office outfits

It seemed that the days of that suffocating, summertime heat would never come and… Voilà! They’re here!

And yes, we know… although what we’d really like to all of us would be to go everywhere in bikinis, the office has no place for him; so if you’re one of those who can still see the long-awaited holidays far away and dream of mojitos and beach days while what you have to do is keep typing between four walls, today we’re bringing you a post with some looks that can help you get through the heat these days without losing an inch of style in the city.

Make a note!

If you are a fan of the minimal style: a grey top and a white blazer combined with a flowing khaki cotton shorts is your best choice to look comfortable, elegant and feel fresh in your daily life this season. If you want to give it a more casual and casual touch, use Roman ankle-striped sandals to achieve the desired effect, and if you want to add a more chic touch to your styling without losing comfort, some wedges are your ideal choice.

If your favourite style is the classic: a striped evasé dress with a thin strap combined with a white jacket will be your fetish choice this season. Looking feminine, sophisticated and fresh at the same time is much more than possible!

If boho looks are your thing: you can’t stop wearing a checkered shirt with a midi tiled skirt with a ruffle these days. A super versatile outfit, that will serve you both day and night. A relaxed look with a lot of personality that will allow you to be yourself at all times while still looking perfect, appropriate and comfortable in the office.

Come on, one last little push, girls, the holidays are closer than ever, and they say the good stuff is waiting, right?.

Remember: Light fabrics, light colors, and natural fibers are key in this season and will make your life easier on the hottest days.

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