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Sport Bras – Everything you need to know

Can you imagine exercising without a sports bra?

Discomfort, discomfort, discomfort. The day you forget your sports bra and you have to exercise with a normal one you want to die, you feel uncomfortable, that everything moves without tone or are and above all that you are not prepared to exercise quietly. Your head is no longer in what it should be for thinking that something so “basic”, can make such a difference in your exercise.

We know and today we want to say “thank you” to that being who cared about women while exercising and did not leave us adrift suffering with our beautiful bra, but impractical to make intense burpees.


1970′s, the decade when running became women’s favorite activity. Athletics was the discipline of choice among women, although there was no specific garment to hold their breasts while running around the track at full speed.
70 to 80% of women buy the wrong size of sports bra. This results in 56% of them reporting different types of pain, according to studies by the brand Under Armour.
1975 was the year that saw the light of the first sports bra, giving them greater support, reducing the movement and discomfort of female athletes.
6 to 12 months, is the ideal duration of a sports bra recommended by Under Armour, depending on the use you give it.
13 Billion Dollars is the value of the sports bra market today, only in the United States, imagine in the world (the calculation as such has not yet been made).

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Choosing the right sports bra for you is no easy task, you need support and the right support to feel comfortable while you exercise so you can achieve your goals, without knowing that nothing is out of place or is moving. 4 questions is all you need to choose the ideal sports bra for you:

1. Compression vs. encapsulation?

The style of sports bra will depend on the type of training you do, which can range from low to moderate impact, and the size of your bust. If your chest is large, choose a sports bra with individual cups and compression technology. But if not, we recommend that it is only a sport compression bra.

2. Racerback vs. straps?

The straps of the racerback sports bras will give you more support, while the straps help you distribute the weight around your chest.

3. Tight Bra or Back Clip?

Sports bras with a back clip offer more support than tight ones, as they are designed for high-impact activity. But the rule remains the same, depending on your activity and the size of your bust.

4. What is the litmus test of a sports bra before buying it?

Before buying the sports bra that best suits your needs, test its elasticity and resistance.

Simply stretch the straps and the stiffer one will give you more support.
Repeat the same thing with the cups to check which one will give you the best control in the movement.
Remember that everything must remain in place, if something goes out of place try a larger size.
Make sure it has a technology that keeps you dry at all times like Heat Gear by Under Armour.
Stretch the band under your chest with your fingers, the space between your fingers and your body should not exceed one inch.
If you choose a sports bra with a clip on the back and this clips on the last buttonhole we recommend a larger size.
With the sports bra on raise your arms, if the band moves the bra is something big for your size.


You’ve already chosen it, now we tell you how to take care of it so that it lasts long enough.

1. Wash your sports bra in cold water and with a mild detergent, avoiding fabric softener and chlorine. Always remember to follow the washing instructions for each garment.
2. When drying, put it on a flat surface or if you dry it in the dryer use a cold cycle as the heat wears away the spandex.
3. Replace the sports bra if you notice that the spandex fibres start to show.
4. The average life span of a sports bra is 6 to 12 months with regular use.

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