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Reshaping How We View Shapewear Into a Sexier Future

Do you remember buying your first pair of hold-me-in-knickers?

Most likely it was for a special occasion and one very unforgiving silk dress that sent you panic shopping to the nearest lingerie shop, looking for a shapewear miracle. And low-and-behold you stumbled upon a tight undergarment that sucked you in and cost more than that expensive silk dress.

The last thing in the world you want is your boyfriend or husband to catch a glimpse of you in a pair of granny-knickers! If he happens to catch a glance mid-maneuver of you trying to yank them off, the mood is instantly spoiled.

Most likely that is when your love/hate relationship with body-enhancing wear began. They might look hideous on but every time, we need to wear anything fitted, we go running back to our hideous wear, begging for forgiveness.

Thankfully, shapewear for women has come a long way since our first encounters. Most of us own at least three or more pairs of tummy-tucking magical panties! Actually, the demand for bodywear has grown so much that the lingerie department has had to create its own section.

Women love shapewear!

“I don’t just have one pair, but three pairs,” says one woman. Another admits: ” I have multiple pair of tummy-tucking panties in different colors and styles. I have boy shorts to under-the-boob tummy-huggers to a full body suit and even a couple of thong types.”

Even though more and more women are admitting that they wear body shapers, they are still ashamed to let their significant other see them wearing them.

body shaper

Shapewear is shaping the future

More and more celebrities are being spotted wearing their shapewear, which seems to be helping to breakdown the stigma. Doesn’t it make your skin tingle with pure joy, when you hear that celebrities proudly admitting that wears a body shaper everyday?

All the Hollywood girls are telling the world that they wear this body-hugging undergarment to look red-carpet ready. Even though we are proud to admit that we wear body wear, there is no getting away from the reality that “mummy knickers” kill the passion in the bedroom.

How do real women cope with baring the truth that lies under that sexy dress? We went to some single girls to hear their tricks and tips on how stay sexy while wearing bodywear.

A singleton from New York advices “Change out of them in the ladies room before going home with someone.”

“One occasion, I went home with a guy with a pair on. Thankfully, he dimmed the lights before we started fooling around and I was able to whip them off quickly and hid them in my purse.” admits a single gal from Seattle, Washington.

Another single lady from Atlanta says that the best solution is carrying around a pair of sexy, lacy panties in a hidden compartment in your purse (to avoid a embarrassing situation when you pay for your drinks at the bar).

Changing the face of body wear

Thankfully, the face of shapewear is changing for the better and plan-B of carrying around a change of panties in your purse will be a thing of past.

Body wear has recently be getting a welcoming facelift, by saying farewell to the Bridget Jones “mummy knickers.” Welcoming lacy bodysuits, G-string tummy tucking control panties and briefs, sheer high-waist boy shorts and slinky slips that leave little to the imagination.

Some of the best shapewear available now still packs the tummy sucking control power that you have come to love but without the heavier, constrictive fabrics that we hate. Made from super-soft fabric that almost feels invisible on your skin.

Seamless design that sit on your skin like a second-skin. No more uncomfortable moments, as your guy caresses your back only to find a thick piece of underwear fabric, where it shouldn’t be.

Plus, now it is being made from smooth breathable fabrics that won’t leave you feeling like you just ran a marathon – sticky and sweaty. Body wear that keeps your body as cool and chill even during the hot summer months. Sounds pretty sexy to me!

Shapewear is changing into something that we wouldn’t feel ashamed to show off in the bedroom. After all, the whole purpose of wearing it is to boost our confidence and give us a little push to dare to be our best. Why should we be ashamed about something makes us feel as good as we look?

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