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Shapewear by Wacoal – Let it reshape the way you view your body

Wacoal shapewearHave you been wondering if you should join the shapewear revolution and look like a celebrity on the Red Carpet? If so, then you know how confusing it can be. Let me share some helpful tips so that you can get the right shapewear for you and your unique body.

Number One Step: If you go online to research the best choices for shapewear, you will be flooded with companies claiming they, absolutely have the best. Pages after pages of pictures and reviews shout out to you that they are the ones to buy.

If you go to the lingerie department at your local store, there are literally rows and rows of shapewear products, hanging under signs advertising that they are the best.

If you decide on the wrong piece, you eventually end up with a drawer full of the wrong ones, which basically what two of drawers look like. Such a pity, I didn’t read my blog before. What is the number one step to make sure that you do get the best?

Look for a name you have grown to trust. This is the step I decided on. My go-to bra company is Wacoal. For years, they have never let me down. Their reputation of high quality that lasts for years has proven true many times over.

Wacoal products are manufactured, mostly by hand, using a Japanese sewing technique. They are soft, comfortable and supportive. A Wacoal bra may not be the cheapest but they last much longer. Buying one of their products is like splurging on a bit of luxury that is affordable.

So, when I saw that they are now making shapewear, I knew I could trust them. Wacoal shapewear is included as one of the top ten brands in America. They are known for their fit, comfort and quality. In addition to their official website, these shapewears are sold in different stores including Shapermint.

Making a reputation for meeting women’s unique needs, Wacoal has stepped into the market that is catering to the body slimming needs of the full figured woman. Honestly, I just hate that expression; it should be a normal woman who just has curves. Come on, isn’t of curvy anatomy what make us so sexy, so why should be ashamed of our bodies.

Good for them and great news for those of us who are in that category! It feels like your second skin, instantly making you feel smooth and confident that you look great, with no rolls or bumps to worry about.

4 of my Faves! My body is definitely not perfect. I am always conscious of the rolls and bumps in my back, tummy, thighs, hips and bust areas. I have found loyal support from my 4 favourite pieces of Wacoal shapewear.

1. Beyond Naked Camisole is my go-to with every outfit as it eliminates the rolls in the back and bumps in the tummy areas. It looks beautiful and makes me feel slim and in control.

2. Zoned 4 Shape Long Leg Shaper is absolutely perfect, as it flattens my tummy at the same time as firming up the legs and thighs. Wacoal leg shaper comes in shorter sizes, but the long leg shaper is perfect for me. I love wearing them under my linen slacks or long, flimsy dresses.

3. Little Slenderness Bodysuit is a must have and definitely feels like your second skin. A seamless, one piece with a hidden underwire bra, this is perfect! It feels like your body is firm and controlled. I feel beautiful and all my outfits look fabulous.

4. Beyond Naked Brief complements the camisole. It is wonderful as an everyday, comfortable panty that gently firms up your tummy. Get one for each day of the week.

Wacoal is a company I feel good about supporting. They are passionate about designing the best and most comfortable lingerie for all women of all ages and sizes. Breast health is a main focus. Wacoal has donated more than four million dollars, towards finding a cure for breast cancer.

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