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Selena Gomez just Released her Latest Music Video and it Was Completely Filmed on an iPhone

selena gomez lose you to love me

Selena Gomez is known for causing a commotion and her latest song has sent her fans into frenzy. The recent song is based on breaking up and is called “Lose You To Love Me.” But she isn’t calling it a song but an actual anthem dedicated to breaking up.

Fans are trying to untangle the heartbreaking lyrics such as when she sings: “In two months, you replaced us, like it was easy.” Fans have deciphered that one sentence, as it refers to Justin and Hailey Bieber. But there is more to her latest single than meets the eye – it was completely filmed using an iPhone 11 Pro.

Sophie Muller directed the music video with the goal of embracing the future of mainstream video production. New technology such as the latest iPhone 11 Pro is a powerful tool that puts the power to film a professional video that fits into your pocket. In the past, filming professional video required equipment such as DSLRs and REDs that cost thousands of dollars.

But the iPhone 11 Pro comes with an ultra wide telephoto lenses that capture life-like images without breaking the bank. Gomez showed us that is possible to create high-quality videos without the need of using expensive equipment, if we didn’t know better, we never would have guessed her video was filmed with an iPhone.

Gomez opted for a black and white video which makes contrasting and playing with dimension almost impossible. But, with the iPhone 11 Pro it was a breeze, just check out her hair!

If you are still in doubt, check some of the tracking shots, as she moves around. On a typical smart phone, this would have looked choppy, but the iPhone 11 Pro comes with an auto-focus lock feature. Also, it has the ability to film 4K of video by taking 60 frames each second. The iPhone 11 Pro is the only smart phone of its kind that has telephoto lens that captures up to 40% more light other smart phones.

Still not convinced how Selena Gomez could shoot an entire music video on her iPhone?

Surely you have already noticed that the latest iPhone comes with three lenses. Those separate lenses allow you to toggle back and forth on different images, all of this, while recording the actual video. Wondering how this is possible? Just hit QuickTake and start recording and hold down the shutter button, this will allow you to shoot 4K videos just like Selena’s.

Gomez’s director, Sophie Muller, isn’t the only director that is using an iPhone to shoot a film. Sean Baker used an iPhone 5 in 2015 to shot the film, Tangerine. We are positive that Gomez is the first of many celebrities that will swap their ancient filming equipment for a much lighter and modern alternative – the iPhone 11 Pro.

If Apple keeps giving us innovative products such as the iPhone 11 Pro, we are positive that we will be seeing more upcoming video creators and directors. And they will definitely be giving directors such as Olivia Wilde or Steven Soderbergh a run for their money.

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