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What is a nutritious diet?

A nutritious diet is a set of nutritional habits that has a certain society or individual. We must say that a diet is part of a lifestyle, its way of life day by day and its cultures. There are healthy diets that can guarantee you good nutrition and a constant balance. These are mainly based on a high content of proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins, minerals and a correct distribution of nutrients.

What does a food diet work for?

A nutritious diet can work to eliminate the fat accumulated in your body and also provides a good physical performance. It can also serve to improve the health of people.nutritious diet plan

An ideal diet is one that contains:


It is obvious that the intake of protein will serve to have energy during the day. We are talking about products or foods such as meats, fish, eggs, ham, cheeses, vegetables, legumes.


These can be obtained from the dressing called olive oil, mayonnaise, peanuts or you can use some olives.


These have a great benefit to generate energy. It will depend on how fast they are assimilated in our body through the glycemic index as good as they are. Carbohydrates are converted to glucose, if they do it quickly they increase the glycemic index very much, if they do it slowly they are better.

Products that must exist in a correct diet

In a good nutritious diet there must be 5 the key and important products. Each of these has what is necessary for your body:

The eggs

At breakfast time eggs are high in protein, allowing you to spend the morning with great energy.

Relax; these are composed of infinity of nutrients and minerals. For these you can add some rich toast and a little butter.

The oats

This is a very good option to start the day. As we well know breakfast is important, and fiber intake is also important. You can add a little carbohydrate, or fruit. Really the oats are great for begin the routine.

Cada uno de estos alimentos puedes mezclarlos unos con otros. Obtendrás buenos resultados, todo dependerá de tu actitud y tu responsabilidad con esta dieta alimenticia.  Come bien y te verás bien, eso es lo importante. Cambia tu forma de verte y tu estilo de vida, te sentirás asombroso.

The avocado

This fruit is delicious; it’s great for losing weight. You can eat it alone, or with any companion you prefer: bread, or simply a rich salad of tomato and lettuce. Honestly, you can not stop adding avocado to your meals.

The berries

If you want to lose weight this is the perfect food: it increases the metabolism making you get slim fast and smooth. This is loaded with antioxidants, which make you be healthier and have antiaging properties.

The grapefruit

This is a fruit that has an amazing taste, as well as extraordinary benefits for our health. This facilitates the correct functioning of your body. This is perfect since it contains very few calories.

Each of these foods can be mixed with each other. You will get good results; everything will depend on your attitude and your responsibility with this nutritious diet. Eat well and you’ll look good, that’s the important thing. Change the way you look and your lifestyle, you will feel amazing.

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