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Myths About Become a New Mom According to InStyle

becoming a mom for the first time

For new mothers, advice on maternity and how to care for a baby always comes, even if no one has asked for advice, somehow new mothers get advice not asked for by nurses, mothers-in-law, mothers, people on Facebook, etc. And while the Millennial generation takes the longest to decide whether or not to have children, and their criteria for raising babies is not so much based on advice as on data they can get from specialists, InStyle decided to lend a hand to all those first-time parents with those myths vs. realities enter what they tell you about how to raise a baby and what really happens when you raise a baby.

“It feels like you’re tired and everybody is yelling at you,” Oster tells InStyle of the early days of motherhood. “It was so overwhelming. I felt like with every decision, we had to make it right away, we didn’t know we were going to have to make it, and it was a total surprise. It was like a fire hose, and I didn’t really have time to do an analysis of the choices that I would have wanted to.”

Let’s avoid misunderstandings. I recommend you read this mega article on parenting.

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