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Maternity Body Shaper – Is its Safe to Use or Not?

Quite a few of our favorite celebrities are coming out of the closet, admitting that they wore shapewear while pregnant, such as Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba.

Actually, when you think about it, it makes sense, shapewear helps to keep all of your jiggly parts in place especially when you have a special event and need to look your best. After all, maternity shapewear is designed to give you the support you need while leaving room for your baby.

But many expecting mommies ask if it is actually safe to use an undergarment that is so constricting and tight while pregnant.

The Scoop on Maternity Body Shapers – What Every Mom-to-be Should Read

Shapewear that is too tight or applies unnecessary pressure anywhere around your body is never a good idea, whether you are pregnant or not. Bad-fitting shaping garments can be extremely uncomfortable plus reduce blood circulation, cause heartburn and even yeast infections.

Put away all of your pre-pregnancy shapewear away until after giving birth and only use shapewear that has been specifically designed for a pregnant body.

Maternity shapewear has been designed to make you and your baby feel more comfortable than standard bodywear. The key is making sure that you are wearing the right size for your body.

Avoid any type of clothing, undergarment or body wear that applies excessive compression to your abdomen area while pregnant.

Health care providers highly advice against wearing “waist trainers” while pregnant, as they constrict your abdominal muscles and breathing capacity and could damage your baby.

The best type of shapewear to wear while pregnant is styles that have a high waist with an opening in around the belly or styles with a light stretchable mesh around your tummy. These styles are perfectly safe for you and your baby to wear because there is no compression around your belly.

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Jessica Alba Gives us the Low-Down on Maternity Body Shapers

Our favorite superhero, Jessica Alba sang praises of her love with pregnancy shapewear in the Trya Banks show. She fessed up to the world that she started wearing them before everyone even knew they existed, under her Fantastic Four custom. The expecting mom-to-be admitted to the world that she wouldn’t leave her hose without her pregnancy body shapers. Stating that she “Loves them”. If it is good enough for Alba, then it’s good enough for me.

What type of maternity shapewear does Jessica wear? She was wearing a short body-hugging dress on the show and underneath a pair of high-waisted bodywear briefs underneath that hit right under her chest that have a opening for her belly. We have to admit that she looked amazing.

Pregnancy is beautiful but who wouldn’t mind a little extra contouring to help smooth out your thighs and or give your rear a little extra lift. Well, now you can still feel sexy and confident while pregnant.

Rule of Thumb When Buying Maternity Shapewear

The sole purpose of maternity shapewear is to allow you to feel more confident and not to harm your growing baby. When choosing any type of pregnancy undergarments or shaping wear make sure you can fit at least one finger between you and them. This will ensure that you will feel comfortable and not be restricted.

Many moms-to-be love wearing high-rise briefs because it helps to improve their posture and reduce back pain.

Choosing to wear maternity shapewear is a personal decision but you will not endanger your baby if your belly isn’t being constricted, look for styles that stretch with your baby tummy.

Rule of thumb: If maternity shapewear makes you feel good about yourself, then wear it! Just remember the one-finger rule to make sure it will comfortably fit and ensure your baby’s safety.

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