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Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian Get Wasted on Tequila While Filming a YouTube Makeup Tutorial Together

Last weekend was Kylie’s birthday and she decided to start celebrating with her half-sister by having a little fun while filming a makeup tutorial.

Kylie loves her birthdays and even before her 22nd celebration party began, Kylie was jet setting off to Italy, wearing what appeared to be a wedding dress. Then, a fantastic surprise, from her BF Travis Scott, that was covered in roses, this makes it obvious that Kylie is going celebrate her 22nd birthday with a splash this year.

The reality star, model and makeup entrepreneur kicked off her special weekend with one of her famous “Get Ready With Me” videos but this time she wasn’t alone. Her sister Khole Kardashian was beside her but they were spicing things up by downing Tequila shots.

The video started with Kylie presenting us with one of her birthday gifts from last year, a bottle of Don Julio 1942 Tequila. She acknowledged in the video that this was the perfect occasion to drink this bottle of Tequila.

As the video continues, we can watch the two loving sisters get all dolled up with Kylie’s very own makeup collection that she designed exclusively for her birthday. By the way, she released her birthday collection on August 10, 2019, as you already know is Kylie’s actual birthdate.

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The whole time they are filming themselves applying, they are taking shots of Tequila, in total each one has nine shots each. It’s a laugh to watch them try to do their makeup, as they get more and more intoxicated. Kylie states at one point in the video, “I’m doing pretty good.” But she starts to complain when she has to apply her liquid liner. But let’s be honest here, it is pretty hard to use winged liner even without alcohol in your blood system.

Kylie posted later on her Instagram that evening saying that it was a night to remember. Plus we loved the part when she personally thanked her sister for helping her present her birthday collection for Kylie Cosmetics.

The girls decide that they want to share the fun, so they give their mommy-manager a ring and tell her to come join in the fun. Kris Jenner just laughed and called them “drunky monkeys” and turned their invite down. It would have been interesting to see Kris Jenner unwind a little with some Tequila shots.

But their online tutorial suddenly turns into an online party when Kim Kardashian-West connected via a FaceTime with her two children, Saint and North. Then Corey Gamble and Sofia Richie make an IRL appearance to see the girls put on the last touches and watch them down their last Tequila shots.

Kylie definitely knows how to jumpstart her birthday, all you need is a little bit of Tequila and makeup. She was spotted this weekend strolling with her partner, Travis in Italy. Then later the same weekend she was partying on a super-sized yacht. This wasn’t your common everyday celebrity style yacht but it was a 300-ft luxury boat that costs more than $250 million USD.

If you are wondering how celebrities such as Kylie Jenner celebrate their 22nd birthday, just check out her Instagram account for more pictures.

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