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Jessica Alba is one of the celebrities who loves shapewear

Jessica AlbaIt seems that everyone is willing to try these crazy diet fads to lose weight but last week, my mouth dropped open when I found out how Jessica Alba lost all of her baby weight after both of her pregnancies.

She admitted in a recent interview with Shape magazine that she used a double corset, girdle or body wear, 24-7, for three entire months, saying that it was brutal and sweaty, but totally worth it.

Part of her weight regime involved eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water until she reached her weight goals and started regularly exercising after three months of giving birth.

Weight-loss by using waist-restricting bodywear after giving birth has been around for decades and for one good reason-because it works! Quite a few celebrities have confessed that their remarkable weight loss after giving birth was due to using shapewear to slip back into their body-con dress, you can see some of them in these articles from Shapermint.com (a recommended online store) and Glamour.com.

Jessica shocked Tyra Banks in a recent interview when she admitted that she was wearing pregnancy body wear. She was wearing full pantyhose sitting under the bra line with a large hole where the belly goes, so it doesn’t apply any pressure on her baby. Jessica said that she LOVES them and suddenly, the conversation turned and Tyra is showing the world hers!

But I’m sure you are reasoning-but Jessica Alba doesn’t even have cellulite, so now, what is going on here? You’re wrong!

Tyra still in misbelief that Jessica was wearing shapewear before getting pregnant, because she doesn’t have any cellulite. Jessica laughs because she does have cellulite, just her beach bod pictures have been touched up and she has cellulite, just like us.

In 2005 Jessica Alba wore a jumpsuit for the movie, Fantastic Four that left very little to the imagination. We would love to hate this mother of two for her flawless figure but we can’t; thanks to her complete honesty about her love affair with bodywear. Jessica admits that she wore shapewear, throughout the entire film, hidden perfectly under her super hero suit.

The real super hero here is the wonder-power that our beloved shapewear provide us. It magically smoothes out our bumps, lumps and hides that cellulite from peeking its ugly head out and ruining our outfit. It also provides an instant nip-tuck by flattening any bulges and sculpting our body into a slimmer, more confident version of ourselves.

The proof is in the bag, if you want a rocking bod, all you need is a slimming undergarment to give you the hourglass shape. Celebrities are coming out of the closet, confessing that they owe their flawless figure, not to hours of grueling workouts, but to their shapewear.

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