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Jennifer Aniston Leaked that the Friends Cast is Working on a Project Together

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Jennifer Aniston is shy when it comes to social media and only graces us with her presence occasionally. But when she does, often it is to make an exciting new announcement, and her recent post on Instagram wasn’t a disappointment for loyal Friends fans.

What caused millions of fans to suddenly feel nostalgic? Aniston had posted a recent selfie of herself and the rest of the old cast members of the iconic sit-com Friends. It was like stepping back into the past. Since the series was cancelled in 2004, the entire cast has rarely all been spotted together at the same occasion, so this was a very epic selfie.

Recently Aniston leaked a little juicy tidbit of information to Ellen DeGeneres that the old Friends crew might be working on a top-secret project together. She was quite vague in the conversation, but we can read between the lines.

Basically, Aniston was saying that the six Friends cast members would love to regroup and do something together, but at the moment they didn’t exactly know what that something could be. But to make us all the more confused, she finished by saying, “So, we are just trying. We’re working on something.”

Before you start praying that is won’t be a complete fail like the revival of Gilmore Girls was, Aniston cleared up the fact that they will NOT be making a revival of Friends. We must admit that we are completely bummed out at hearing that, especially since the sitcom following Friends, “Joey” was an utter failure.

But now, we ask the question of the year: If it’s not going to be a total reboot of the classic Friends series, what exactly are they working on? There are quite a few theories flying around and here are some of the best guesses.

Maybe they will all make an appearance on Lisa Kudrow’s HBO series “The Comeback”, which is based on the character, Valerie Cherish. Cherish is an aging sitcom star, who is struggling to stay in the limelight without being considered middle age.

Maybe they will star in a high action thriller or suspense movie such as Ocean’s 8, where they heist something extremely expensive.

Or maybe they are planning a theater production for a worthy cause, such as Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer starring in a modern adaptation of Luigi Pirandello’s 1921 play, called ” Six Characters in Search of an Author”? Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Maybe they are going to create a book club on social media where they debate which books, they consider to be worthwhile or to be a rotten apple. Even better yet, why not a celebrity movie club?

Or maybe they are going to be showing off their dance moves on a series of TikToks to promote that Netflix will be returning endless reruns of our favorite series “Friends”?

Whatever the Friends’ cast is working on together, we are positive it is going to be fantastic. We can’t wait to see our favorite actors together again. It does kind of prove that friendships do last forever.

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