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James Corden and other male celebrities are opening up about wearing Spanx to hide their beer belly

James Cordon didn’t only admit to wearing shapewear while presenting The Late Late show but that he couldn’t imagine going in front of the camera without it.

Women celebrities aren’t the only ones showing off their shapewear on social media, as more and more men are proudly posting before and after pictures of themselves wearing shapewear.

For centuries, women have been using body shaping wear to smooth out those frumpy parts and concealing those few extra pounds that keep hanging around. But, women aren’t the only ones with a secret love affair with shapewear.

On a recent show of The Late Late Show, the host James Cordon was conversing with the stars of the upcoming film, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Rachel Brosnahan and RuPaul, when he revealed a little secret that he has been dying to share with the world. He wears Spanx to boost his confidence while being on air and his New Year’s resolution is to slowly ditch off them and muster up the confidence to host at least one show -Spanx free!

spanx james corden

But Cordon isn’t the only celebrity to openly share his obsession with compression undergarments.

Recently, the famous billionaire, Richard Branson bared his Spanx at a public event with Sara Blakely, the founder and creator of Spanx. Branson was proud to let the world know that he wears shapewear, by dropping his pants and flashing the entire audience a peak at his body shaping undergarments.

Sara Blakely couldn’t resist the perfect photo opportunity and grabbed a snapshot of Branson baring his soul in his Spanx. She posted the picture on her personal Instagram page with the inscription: “He loves the Spanx men’s underwear and he isn’t shy about it!

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@RichardBranson dropping his pants again at another speaking panel. 😂 He loves the @spanx mens underwear and he isn’t shy about it! Events with Richard are never boring. It doesn't matter what we are doing… having tea on top of a hot air balloon or speaking on a panel in a conference room. Despite his massive success he lives like he has 20 dollars in his pocket and nothing to lose. He collects life experiences every chance he gets, and has definitely prioritized fun along his journey. In fact, that’s what I would say makes him most rich. He never compromised fun to achieve massive success. I've learned so much from him and treasure our 15 yr friendship. He's truly one of the greats! #RichardBranson #Friendship #Entrepreneur #Spanx #TBT #RiskyBusiness #Literally

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Mr. Smith or better known as @lifeofsmittie is a well-known social media influencer for promoting a daddy lifestyle along with the daddy body, recently shared pictures of wearing shapewear. He decided to give men’s Spanx styles a spin after he wasn’t able to lose that beer belly for his upcoming wedding. He was pleasantly surprised with its ability to hold everything together and helped him look quite dashing.

spanx Mr Smith

Still need more proof that real men wear shapewear? Then you need to check out the account of @GodLovesUgly22 or otherwise known as “The Decapitated head of Jughead.” He posted some hilarious posts of himself wearing a men’s’ full style body suit or what we women consider to be a high-waisted thigh shaper.

spanx for men

Shapewear isn’t just for the women anymore, as more and more men are making compression wear part of their everyday undergarments but most of them still consider the subject taboo.

Some men opt for wearing it for its tummy tucking effects without the need of having to give up beer and pizza. Others praise it for its ability to improve their posture and provide support while standing for prolonged periods of time. Some men use a waist cincher for weight loss or for waist training after by-pass surgery.

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