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How to wear a slimming bodysuit with flare and style!


Shapewear at times can feel like a foe or a friend. Foe is when you choose the wrong size and counting the seconds to crawl out of it. But more than often, it is like a lifesaving friend, when it helps to smooth out that muffin-top or minimizing those troublesome areas. Bodysuits are shapewear in perfection!

Bodysuits are quickly taking over the shapewear world. Why? You know all of those irritating things you hate about your everyday shapewear, such as the bunching, the rolling down and the strange roll of fat that appears between your shapewear and your bra. Bodysuits eliminate everything you hate about body shapers.

Women’s bodysuits give you the ideal level of control for your entire midriff or body if you opt for a full bodysuit. Look for styles that provide medium to light compression for everyday activities and are designed to be worn all day long but form compression is more suitable for special occasions and should be worn only for shorter periods of time.

Ok, before we get to the how to fix up your wardrobe with a bodysuit for women, let us tell you about the one and only drawback of wearing a bodysuit.

Some body shapers come with a Velcro or button up crotch for bathroom use, which can be a challenge to undo or do-up when you are in rush. Look for styles that are easier to pull on and off quickly or have an easy-to-open crotch. Cause honestly who has time to button up themselves up 10 times a day?

One of the biggest reasons to wear body suits is that you can virtually say goodbye to visible panty lines (VPL). Certain styles even double as under garments and outerwear thus, giving you a sleeker look.

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How to wear a bodysuit under almost every outfit

You can wear body shapers under just about every type of outfit except for those that show off your midriff. So, unless you want the world to know you are wearing a bodysuit, just follow these simple styling techniques below.

Jeans and a top

Our all-time favorite casual look often comes along with the dreaded, feared and hated muffin top. Thanks to a comfortable bodysuit, watch that muffin top disappear instantly. Look for styles that have a boy short to give you thigh coverage and no VPL, if you are wearing your skinny jeans.

Strapless dress

Nothing screams the need for a body slimming bodysuit more than your strapless dress. Look for styles that are strapless with either a built in bra or that can be worn with your own strapless bra. One of the best advantages of wearing a bodysuit is that it helps to keep your outer sundress dry even during the hotter summer months.

Everyday dresses or pencil skirts

If you are like the most of us you have a love hate relationship with your everyday dresses and pencil skirts. Women’s bodysuits give you a sleeker, slimmer look even in the clingiest dress or skirt you own. Best part is that you can say good-bye to chafing if your wear a longer short bodysuit or a full bodysuit.

Bodycon dress

Your Friday night cocktail dress just got an upgrade with one of the Shapermint bodysuits that will help you to embrace your curves and turn heads. Look for styles that are designed to work with your bra to give you a little more of perk-you-up and height if it is inches higher than your bodycon dress.

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