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How to make fashion statement without looking like a fashion blooper

Often we hear that with fashion, pretty much anything goes but there is a fine line between making a fashion statement and looking like a complete fashion disaster. Do you want know is the secret to looking fantastic outfit after outfit?

We all want look our best and be trendsetters, the key lies in making your outfit look effortlessly pulled together even though you gave it some thought. All you need to do is incorporate these seven simple rules when choosing what to wear and not to wear.

Switch up your Little Black Dress

Sure the little Black Dress is fashionable, but it won’t make a fashion statement, as it is traditional and everyone expects you to wear a LBD to a cocktail party. But if you want heads to turn and stand out from the crowd, then slip into a sexy Little White Dress instead.

little black dress

Combine different styles

Fashion is about being flexible and learning to combine different styles together to create a whole new look. For example, pair with your edgy leather jacket with a soft pastel pleated flowing skirt, which will give you look an ultra feminine style. Be creative and try twisting up your favorite looks.

edgy leather jacket

Reinvent a classic style

Make a fashion statement by reinventing a classic look by using a conventional item such as pairing a classic blazer with a pair of biker shorts or wearing a conventional white button-down blouse as a dress. The secret is using basic item in an unconventional and unexpected way. Do the expected!


Don’t forget your sunglasses

Nothing screams fashion statement like wearing sunglasses. You might not be able to wear your shades everywhere, but when you wear them – wear them with style. Making a fashion statement is entirely about what you are wearing but your accessories play an important part too. Be sure to purchase sunnies that match your face shape and have a versatile design, so you can wear them with just about any outfit.

sunglasses style

Wear a skater dress

A skater dress is fitted through the torso and flares out at the waistline. This is your best choice when you are in doubt about what to wear and the best part is they look great on every body shape. Even though skater dresses are popular, you can make a fashion statement by opting for a bold, bright color choice.

skater dress

A large dose of confidence

Confidence isn’t something that you buy online or hang in your closet, but it is something that comes from within yourself. If you are confident that you are making a fashion statement and you look fantastic, then everyone will think the same. Remember that you style is your style, so step out with confidence.


Highlight your features

You might love that denim shirtdress but it does nothing for your figure. Just because you like the idea of certain outfit and how’d it look together, it will look like a fashion blooper if it doesn’t sit properly on your body.

fashion denim dress

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