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How To Get Supermodel Romee Strijd’s Summer Glow This Fall

romee strijd

Victoria’s Secret Angel, Romee Strijid is known for her bombshell goldilocks, stunning blue eyes and effortlessly sun-kissed glow she has all year round. The 22 year-old Dutch Model has made a name for herself in a relatively short time by ruling catwalks from Ralph Lauren to Victoria Secret.

Even while she strolls the streets in Paris during this fall’s rainy weather, she has managed to maintain her summer glow, despite the lack of sunshine. Her sun kissed skin tone has become the envy of fans and critics worldwide. But she just released a video explaining how we can get her everyday summer glow look and what makeup brands she uses to do so.

She starts off by explaining this is her all-time favorite everyday look for going out for brunch with friends or exploring a new city, then she dives in explaining her step-by-step makeup routine.

She admitted that in the past she used so many disposable cotton pads but recently she has switched over to a more environmentally friendly option. Now she uses reusable cotton pads and it feels even softer than the original version.

Step one

She applies a few drops of Ren’s Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic to her cotton pad first and applying to her face.

Step two

Using a different reusable cotton pad she applies a few drops of organic jojoba oil to hydrate and lock in her skin’s moisture. She applies to her skin using light circular movements.

Step three

Now she grabs her ReFa’s solar-powered micro current Carat Face Roller to her face using upwards movements. She explains while using that it helps promote lymphatic drainage, preventing redness and puffiness, as it gets the blood moving.

Step four

Strijd says her mother taught her to pamper her skin every morning and it has come part of her everyday routine. She applies the ultra creamy formula by Augustinus Bader’s – The Rich Cream to any of dry spots on her face, rubbing in until absorbed. She believes that our skin needs to be hydrated also from the inside out, so she tries to drinks loads of water, especially on long flights.

Step Five

She likes to keep her eyes light and bright by using a few dabs of Cle de Peau’s Radiant Corrector for eyes and tinted moisturizer that is one shade darker than her original tone. This gives her skin a summer shimmer that has become her trademark look over the years.

Step six

Strijd believes in keeping her eyebrows looking natural, so she brushes them into the desired arch then applies Benefit’s Gimmie Brow + gel.

Step seven

One of the makeup tricks she shared with us is to avoid eyeliner as it makes your eyes look heavy and never curl your eyelashes once you have applied mascara, as it will break your eyelashes. Her favorite everyday mascara is by Collistar and uses darker mascara on the outer part of her lashes and whiter, brighter mascara closer to the inner corners of her eyes.

Step eight

Her final touch is using a fluffy brush to apply Milk’s Matte Bronzer for that healthy summer glow we all envy.

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