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How to choose your perfect foundation?

This is something that has happened to us and usually happens to all of us, without exception. Sometimes we have a little trouble choosing the right shade of our makeup, especially from the basics like powder or foundation. But don’t worry, today I’m going to help you find out what shade of high-coverage studio look you need, depending on your skin color.

Before you see what tone it is for you, you should know that skin tones are divided into three groups, so the first thing you should do is identify the group you belong to rosé, beige and doré.

how to choose foundation

The features of pink or cold skin are these:

Complexion: very light, clear or pinkish
Hair: black, blonde, reddish blonde, light brown, dark, reddish or red hair.
Eye color: all kinds of colors.

The features of beige or warm skin are these:

Face: yellow background or towards the olive tree.
Hair: dark.
Eye color: usually dark or honey.

The features of golden skin are these:

Complexion: golden or chocolate background
Hair: dark:
Eye color: usually dark.

To know which foundation is the perfect foundation for your skin, the color of your foundation should be similar to the color of the skin on your neck. Maybe you can vary in a darker shade or a lighter shade than your neck, but if you want to have a more natural look, the ideal is to choose a foundation whose color is most similar to the color of your skin.

Useful Tips

Always use the right tool to apply the foundation. And what better than the flat brush or for the foundation of the studio look brush set.

Never apply the foundation directly to the face. I suggest that you put a little in your hand and with the help of the brush, take a few basics and apply it.

Depending on the amount of foundation, you can achieve a natural look or dewy look.

With the help of the brush, apply your high coverage foundation from the center of the face outwards, taking it to the edges of the hair and even to the ears.

Don’t forget to make up towards the neck, so that it will fade very well and not be seen as if they were wearing a mask.

I recommend that you move the brush from left to right to polish the makeup and apply it evenly. That’s how we thin the foundation coat.

I hope I helped you choose the right makeup tone.

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