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How to buy your daughter her First Bra

girl’s first bra

Time does not stand still especially with how fast your daughter has grown up. It seems like it was just yesterday that you had your bundle of little joy in your arms as you brought her home from the hospital and, now, its time for the ‘first bra’ talk!!!

You totally want to make it a wonderful and happy experience. Read on to get some tips on what to do and what not to do.

First Rule: Remember that all girls are different. You know your daughter, so adapt to her personality, needs and wants. Try to make her comfortable and excited about it. Go online together and see what is out there for your girl’s first bra.

Second Rule: Try not to embarrass your daughter. Remember how it felt for you when you faced the drama of your mom and, (in my case, also my grandma), excitedly talking to you about needing to go shopping for a bra.

Remember how it felt for yourself, to have these changes happening to your body and not wanting it to happen.

Third Rule: Remember that this is HER special moment. It is a big day for you but just don’t make it your day. Enjoy letting her take the next step of growing up and don’t push. If she rolls her eyes or frustrates you, just let it slide. Remember that she is probably just embarrassed.

What are the options now for bras for tweens? You know the world of buying bras has changed since you were younger. There are huge varieties of choices now for the young ‘tween’ girls getting their first bra. How lucky for them! And what is so exciting is that your daughter can get one of each option and see what she likes.

Look for these wonderful new suggestions:

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Cotton
  • Double layer so nipples don’t show
  • Bralette: soft, unlined with shaped cup
  • Training Bra designed for first time user
  • Sports Bra
  • Camisole with built in shelf bra
  • Fun colours

How to get the right size

A professional fitting at a lingerie store

It is highly recommended that you find a lingerie department that offers a comfortable fitting experience. A professional fitting will help your daughter have a pleasant first time bra that fits comfortably and makes her feel confident.

It should fit around the torso, the area under the breasts. It should not be tight and stay is place. Have your daughter raise her arms up in the air, to see if the bra stays in place.

Do it at home in private

If your daughter finds the thought of a professional fitting too uncomfortable for her, you could measure at home following the guidelines online. Using a tape measure, measure it just under the breasts. Add 5 inches to the number on the tape measure. Then, round the total of that number to the nearest even number.

For example, let’s say your daughter measures 20 inches around and you add 5 to that, getting the number 25, just round it off to 26 inches.

Measure the cup size by running the tape around the chest and back. Use the guidelines to determine if it is A or B, etc.

Then you could both shop online to see and buy a few bras to start learning what fits and works. Once you are all done and successfully, your daughter is happy with this new part of her life, go out and celebrate together!

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