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How I Learned to Love My Body with Shapermint

Recently one of our readers reached out to us because she wanted to tell our audience how important it is to be confident about yourself and your body. Sometimes this kind of situation can get out of control and then depression comes. We strongly encourage you to always try to find help if you ever find under the same circumstances.

For privacy purpose she asked us not to disclosure her name. Here is her story.

body positivity reviewLast year I cringed at how my skin wrinkled-up like crepe paper around my middle. Or, how I detested those stretch marks that appeared after my little baby girl was born.

I used to try and wish all of my wiggly parts would just disappear, even trying to hold them in place, but once I let go of my flabby tummy, it’d just return to its original position. I quickly fell into depression; assuming that my body’s best years had come and gone.

While I was expecting my precious little girl, my husband decided to leave me for a much younger girl. After this traumatic breakup, I turned to food as my comforter, telling myself I would lose the extra weight after Caitlyn was born. But the weight never came off.

Last year, was the my melting point, I was 40 pounds overweight and staring down at an empty Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream container and body shaming myself and envying those girls on TV with their long legs and perfectly tanned bodies.

I was terrified of the thought that this was my life from here on in, sitting on the couch in yesterday’s pajamas and eating ice cream. I needed to change, so I raided my closet. I needed to go out and take control of my life. But, everything I tried on, made me feel even frumpier than I really looked.

So that brought me right back to where I started, from sitting on the couch and feeling sorry for myself. I started to Google ‘how to dress if you are 40 pounds overweight” and the subject of shapewear kept popping up. Honestly, I would never have considered shapewear as an option, but I stumbled across an inspiring shapewear marketplace called Shapermint.

How reading Shapermint reviews made me change my mind and pushed me to try them

I’d never seen an online retailer quite like it before. Instead of promoting their shapewear brands, they encouraged body positivity and learning to embrace your body and curves. I sat up half the night reading the countless motivational Shapermint reviews from women just like me.

By midnight, after reading tons of products reviews, I had ordered three different pieces of shapewear, as I had decided it was time to stop moping around and feeling sorry for myself.

When my shapewear finally arrived, I decided to raid my closet again but with my newly found secret weapon underneath – my shapewear! I was pleasantly surprised, as my clothes actually sat smoothly on my body and I didn’t look or feel frumpy. I was ready to gain control of my life.

Now, one year later, I am still a little pudgy and I still have those stretch marks on my belly. But as crazy as this might sound, Shapermint has helped me learn to love my body. My body is me! Made up of all of the good, the bad and the ugly moments of my life. These moments have shaped me into who I am today.

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But, I needed to reassure myself that I was beautiful and shapewear helped me to embrace all of those little lumps and bumps that make me beautiful. I needed a confidence boost. I needed something to help me see that my body is perfect. Shapewear taught me that being skinny doesn’t make you beautiful but feeling good about yourself does.

Shapewear has helped me love my body again. I love my unique life story and I love what I do in this imperfectly but perfect body. Such as hugging my little baby girl or holding her hand as she makes her first steps. And I thank my body for allowing me to be loved and show love by looking my best, even if I need a little extra help from shapewear to do that.

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