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Hayley Kiyoko Makeup Routine at Vogue

Hayley Kiyoko makeup

Hayley Kiyoko is an American actress, singer and songwriter. Her career started when she was yet a child, appearing in many children’s movies such as Scooby-Doo. However she is best known for her street-inspired dance moves and her debut album called Expectations.

Recently, she has been labeled the Lesbian Jesus, after releasing her latest single “Girls Like Girls.” She has created the first album with love songs for women who like other women, paving the way for other lesbian artists and songwriters to express themselves. The music industry has been strictly heterosexual, up until now that is!

Hayley broke down the boundaries becoming the savior of gay women everywhere, hence her nickname Lesbian Jesus. She has been busy the last few years empowering young girls and women with her musical prowess. But staying occupied and on the run has helped her master a whole new technique: How to go from looking sleepy headed to presentable in less than ten minutes.

Here is Hayley’s guide to get her wake-me up makeup routine.

Her first step is by applying Kate Somerville’s gel cleanser to her face. The scent makes her feel as if she stepped into a spa. Then she applies a hydrating facemask for ten minutes, admitting that it looks as if she has had Kraft Singles melted on her face.

The second step is still related to hydrating her skin. She has very dry skin and finds applying a thick moisturizer prevents dry spots and flaking. Plus, she takes a daily multivitamin to help with her cystic acne, which is caused from vitamin deficiency. She found the extra hydration and daily multivitamin has done wonders in cleaning up her complexion.

Now it is time for applying her makeup. She first adds a touch of concealer under her eyes. Then all over her face, she brushes on a super-light foundation to conceal any blemishes or red spots.

Once the foundation has set, she grabs her contouring brush and contours her cheekbones with a darker bronze toned blush and using a shimmery blush stick for the tips her cheeks.

Now that her face is ready, she concentrates on her lips by applying a thin layer of rose-colored lip-gloss. Then she focuses on her eyes, by drawing a thin line of khaki-toned eyeliner to the waterline and top part of her lids. She likes to smudge it into her lash line for a more natural look. She adores using MAC’s defining mascara for her eyelashes, as it stays on all day and won’t leak off, even in the smoldering humidity of LA.

For the final touches, she applies flesh-toned lip-liner to her lips, paying close attention to the tips of her lips, topping it of with a nude lipstick. She loves Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty lip gloss to add a touch of glimmer but without the stickiness.

But before she runs out the door for a meeting or a performance, she spritzes her face with a light mist of setting spray that contains SPF 50. It is a like two for one. She looks fantastic and ready to tackle the world.

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