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Halloween Costumes That You Can Actually Wear to Work And Not Get Fired

halloween costume

Let’s be honest, they are just glorified everyday clothes with a little extra special twist.

Planning what to wear to Halloween parties and festivities is a breeze, as long as you have in mind what you want to wear this year. What we love about Halloween is that we can be creative with our Halloween costumes and basically wear whatever our hearts desire.

And since Halloween parties usually don’t happen in one day, but usually extend through the whole week, today we want to share with you some good Halloween outfits that you can wear both at parties and in work contexts without it looking strange or uncomfortable. Some jobs may be permissive on this day, but most offices have a strict dress code.

Halloween is meant to be fun but not worth losing our job over. So, here are some easy solutions to transform your regular outfit into costume ideas that doesn’t require loads of zombie makeup and elaborate accessories. Best part is you won’t need to run out and buy anything, as you probably have everything already in your wardrobe.

Grab a plaid skirt

A simple plaid skirt can transform you into Rachel Green from the hit series Friends, if you combine it with some knee-high socks and a beige turtleneck.

Or maybe you want to show off your bewitching side? Then wear your plaid skirt with an oversized coat, combat boots and chain necklace and you’ll look like you stepped off the set of The Craft.

Want to be your own character in your own storyline? Then combine your plaid skirt with a classic white button blouse, colored tights and ballet flats. Oh, and don’t forget your backpack! You will be the iconic schoolgirl that could be rebellious, mysterious or even have some serious daddy-issues.

Hop into a denim jumpsuit

Look like you are a modern-day Rosie the Riveter, by tying a red scarf around your head with your denim overalls or jumpsuit.

Create your own costume and transform yourself into a mechanic with a few simple accessories, such as a toolbox lunchbox, a rag and nametag. Or be a train conductor with a red bandana and train conductor’s hat.

Wrap yourself in that faux fur coat

Show off your Cruella de Vil side, from the 101 Dalmatians by wearing a black dress under that faux fur coat. Finish off the look with a pair of long black gloves.

Ready to show off that cat eye technique you have been practicing at home? Give yourself a smoky eye, pull your hair to the side and button up your faux fur coat and you’ll look like Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums.

If you only have a striped tee

One of the easiest looks to pull off is pair high-waisted black trousers and white and black striped tee, and voila, you are a mime. You can apply the white face makeup after work if it’s not allowed at your workplace.

Show your inner Jack Sparrow with a white/black stripped t-shirt and black bandana tied around your head with a black patch and you are set to go. Add a little extra with a red scarf wrapped around your waist and oversized hoop earrings.

Look like you are a soccer referee with a black hat, a whistle necklace and carry around your soccer ball.

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