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Get Kylie Jenner’s Style with a Tummy Control Thong

Kylie Jenner might be the youngest sibling of TV’s biggest reality star family but she definitely is the most well known, especially when it comes to fashion and cosmetics. Her family often says that she dances to her own tune and is uniquely original. (Maybe that is why we love her so much?)

As of 2018, she is on of the ten most followed people on Instagram with more than 100 million followers.

She has been praised and criticized on social media for posing in tummy tucking thong only one month of giving birth to Stormi, showing off her flat tummy on her Snapchat account.

If there are two things that Kylie knows best, they are, how to flaunt her body and how to use cosmetics. Kylie Cosmetics has generated a whooping $420 million in sales in less than 18 months and is growing monthly. There is no surprise that her new cosmetic line sold out within minutes of being released. Plus, she collaborated with her sister Kendall in creating a clothing line called “Kendall & Kylie”.

For a 20-yr old, she knows what works and all about embracing her unique diversity with a flare. She also, knows the pain of being fat-shamed from her 40lb weight gain during her pregnancy. That is why she shamed the world with her post-pregnancy selfie, wearing a thong body shaper despite the stretch marks and baby fat.

Kylie Jenner’s Top Styling Secrets from high waisted jeans to a tummy control thong

 thong body shaper Kylie Jenner isn’t afraid of experimenting with new styles and is known to change her hair color up to three times in one day, often by using mystical colored wigs – such as the long blue wig she wore to Coachella last month.

But there are certain beauty secrets that Kylie will not switch up, as she has come to rely on them for contouring her figure where she needs it most and making her signature style that fans worldwide want to imitate.

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Here are some of her styling secrets that we all need to add to our wardrobe:

Tummy Control Thong

Kylie showed the world that she didn’t have plastic surgery after giving birth to her baby, Stormi. But, she showed the world that all-new moms can have a flat tummy, post-pregnancy after giving birth with a tummy control thong.

Looks amazing, under even the tightest little black dress, leaving zero visible panty lines.

Waist trainer

Kylie Jenner helped put waist trainers on the map by having an hourglass figure. But, after that, she claimed that her waist trainer helped her recuperate her figure after giving birth in less than 6 weeks. She is changing the way mothers worldwide loose weight after giving birth.

If you want to trim your waist by two to three dress sizes instantly and more in the future, then a waist trainer is a must-have for you.

Mini Dresses

Mini dresses are Kylie’s favourite ensemble and we can weekly see at least two or three postings of her wearing a mini dress that hugs tightly to her body. Often wearing them with a pair of sneakers or high heels, depending on the look she is striving for.

Mini dresses elongate your legs, making you look taller and slimmer. Plus, you can accessorize them easily to take you from day to night.

High Waisted Jeans

There’s no need spend a fortune to get Kylie’s sexy style: By opting for high rise jeans. It doesn’t matter if they are dark or light blue jeans or skinny jeans or wide-legged jeans, the secret is a high waist and wearing them with a top the sits tightly at the midriff, showing off your waistline.

Sporty Style

Leggings are Kylie’s go-to style that she takes from the gym to the streets with flawless fashion. The key is wearing black with black, such as black leggings or cropped black leggings with a black top and either one or black sneakers. Step up your look with a tummy control thong.

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