Styling on June 3, 2019

2019 Fashion Trends that you need this year

Checking out this year’s hottest, must-have fashion trends can seem a little daunting. There are some fascinating new styles out there, but we can’t help but ask ourselves which ones will be around more than one season or which trend is worth investing in.

Here is a curated list of five of the top looks for 2019, so you can stop wasting time trying to decide what to wear this year. But we didn’t stop with just narrowing down the list but we have ranked each style by necessity, starting with this year’s number one trend – crochet.

Whether you want to try them out one by one or choose the style that fits your style the best, just use this list as a checklist to make sure you are trendy this year.

Crochet me pretty

If you haven’t already noticed, crochet is popping up everywhere this year, making it this year’s number one, new wardrobe must have. But these aren’t your grandmother’s tacky old-fashioned crocheted knit pieces or typical bohemian crochet. It is a more elevated and modern side to crochet with a heavy 70’s vibe.


A splash of 70’s without being overpowering


The perfect dress for a perfect day

Grab your biking shorts but leave the bicycle at home

Biker or cycling shorts have slowing been sneaking into the limelight but they are finally here to stay and we are in LOVE. Biker shorts are one of the most versatile styles this year, taking you from a preppy to street style within seconds. If you haven’t given this new trend a chance, then now is the time.


How can you resist the raw hem on these biker shorts?


This classic bike biker short is a necessity this year

Feathers anyone?

Feathers, like biker shorts, have been reappearing the last few seasons but this year the trend went feather crazy and we are seeing feathers just about everywhere. Some styles will have a cute feather accent and others will almost make you fly away. Transform your look this year with something more feathery.


A subtler take on the feather trend


Take club hopping to a whole new level with this adorable pouch

Down to earth

Of all the hues and colors that showed up on the red carpet this year, the earthy tones dominated. Get this look by wearing end to toe earth tones, even though it sounds dreary and boring, it makes a very bold and stylist statement.

You will love everything about this wallet-friendly skirt


A more polished option for jeans

The fine print

If you want something more on the wild side, try wearing head to toe graphic, funky prints. The best part is that you are encouraged to mix floral, polka dots, stripes or floral prints. Show the world your artistic side with one of these unique styles this year, you might surprise yourself.

This wider neckline is oh-so divine


Guaranteed to be your favorite skirt this summer

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