Fit Habits on May 28, 2018

Easy Ideas for Healthy Meals to Weight Loss For Adults

How’s it going with you? Today we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions people ask about nutrition! The first one is:

How do I make up for an extra meal?

Well, there is no way to compensate, it is very common that, and if only as a piece of fruit, or just as a yogurt, or not at all to compensate, well none of these practices would be a good practice.

If we skip a meal like for example now that we are talking about skipping dinner, our body responds, our body defends itself How? Decreasing the metabolism, that is to say, we burn fewer calories, so it is a situation that does not matter to us as much if we want to maintain the weight or if we want to reduce it.

And also many times when we eat little or no dinner or when we skip any meal this happens to the next one, during the following hours we are more hungry, I haven’t eaten. Breakfast the next morning, the morning is passing and you have the feeling of God I am more hungry than usual and I have eaten the same breakfast Why is that?

Well, then, because I skipped lunch the day before, and at the end of the day the hunger is accumulating. And this is another consequence of that, skipping dinner. For example, and it takes us away from the objectives we originally had to compensate for an extra. Of course, a very common habit is to only eat fruit at night, to eat little or to compensate and as three, four pieces of fruit.

Or five, six. As long as it takes, what happens? This in the end is a lot of fruit and it goes away from what would be our initial objective which was to make a dinner with few calories, five, or three, five or four fruits are enough calories, and a lot of sugar with which we do not fulfill the objectives. Let me give you an example: If I eat an orange, an apple, a kiwi and two slices of melon, are approximately depending on the size of the fruits obviously, 360 calories; that more or less are 80 grams of sugar, that is to say, I have not been able to control much in the middle of the day what I have eaten, as of more, I come home feeling guilty and I end up ingesting 80 grams of sugar, very healthy is not right? No, that’s not true.

And another example is that of a yogurt, or milk with cereals, that I have seen advertised on TV, the Special K that are rich in fibers and thus help to regulate my line, also would not be a correct way to make a dinner. It is not complete and is also rich in sugars because in the end this type of cereals, although they may contain fiber, also contain a lot of sugar. Therefore, in the end, the objective we had was not what we achieved either. We have to get out of our heads the method or good word compensation, okay, what we have to do is if we have a special occasion decide what we want to eat.

You should drink water and dessert or fruit or yogurt

Set our limits, moderate them and try to enforce them, okay? If we can’t, or it is very difficult for us, we accept it and continue to eat correctly. May the good days win to the bad days.

What if I do it wrong one day? Well, one day I go too far? It’s okay, but if I continue with my routine at the next meal, at the next meal, at the other one, at the other one, I continue with my routine, I continue doing a healthy diet, because in the end nothing happens because one day I exceed myself, not the problem is if I exceed myself more days that I do badly than I eat well, then if here the scale is unbalanced.

But the important thing is that you earn the days I eat the right way to those who don’t, what would this dish that you commented on this healthy food? As in proportion should be almost equal to a dinner we have eaten in a correct way, that is, most must come from vegetables or salads, in a dish as it can be medium, for example, a portion of protein, either animal protein or vegetable protein, and another portion of carbohydrates, pasta, rice, legumes, potatoes, bread and if cereals are whole grains are better.

This method speaks of proportions, not quantities. The amount is already going to depend on each person, whether he or she is male, female, height, exercise, all this, and on the hunger that one has, if I have eaten more than usual at lunchtime, then perhaps I will come to dinner and say “Pf! I don’t feel like a big dinner either.”

Well then we make a complete dinner, but lighter, or more of smaller quantities, because I take a tomato seasoned, with a little oil, a can of tuna and a couple of biscotes, because this is a complete dinner, has vegetables, protein and carbohydrates, but it is a small dinner.

I am more hungry, well then put more vegetables, more amounts of protein, more amounts of carbohydrates, this will depend on each specific situation, but the important thing is that I choose well and that my dinner is as complete and healthy as possible.

And how do we complete it to make it so? You should drink water and dessert or fruit or yogurt as we like.
It’s not much science, discipline and knowledge are the way to an ideal weight!

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