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Dry Lip Problems? 4 Tips that will help you with that little problem.

home remedies for dry lips

We know that it is difficult to get rid of dry lips, because the weather, the amount of water we drink and even the food influence it. But don’t worry!

The good news is that there are definite ways to fix it and one of them is to follow a good multi-step lip routine, which we now share with you:

1. Anti-Impure Exfoliator

The first thing you should do is cleanse and massage your lips with an ultra-moisturizing and soothing exfoliant, in order to remove dead cells. To prepare it, mix 2 teaspoons of aloe vera, 1 tablespoon of cucumber puree and 1 tablespoon of ground nut or mascabado sugar. Apply to the mouth with gentle circular movements and rinse with cold water. The sensation of freshness and comfort will be unbeatable!

2. Regenerating Infusion

Now that you’ve removed the annoying little skins, it’s time to give your skin a regeneration boost! How to do it? In the blender add ⅓ cup of green tea, 3 clean, leafless strawberries and a piece of pineapple. Process all the ingredients into a homogeneous liquid and moisten 2 cotton discs with the elixir. Then place it on your lips for 12 minutes and remove. This step and the previous one should be repeated every 15 days.

3. Nutritious Infusion

Now it’s time to nourish your lips so they stay firm and luminous all the time. To do this, combine an egg white with 3 teaspoons of milk and distribute them with a cotonete over your mouth. Allow them to work for 15 minutes, clean with lukewarm water and repeat every week.

4. Moisturizing Balm

Finally, moisturize the lips (at the end of this ritual and daily) with your favorite balm or prepare one at home. We recommend that you make a moisturising and UV-protective pump with a teaspoon of Vaseline, a teaspoon of Shea Butter and ½ of honey. And, if you want to get a plump and slightly enlarging effect, add ⅓ of cinnamon teaspoon to the mix to volumize.

Voilà! With this routine your lips will be more kissable than ever.


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