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Did Beyoncé Break Royal Protocol By Hugging Meghan Markle at the Lion King Premiere?

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Beyonce Lion King Premier

Beyoncé, the Queen Bey, doesn’t need to follow any rules!

On July 14, British royalty met a musical legend at the Lion King Premiere in London. The earth literally stopped spinning when Beyoncé, called Meghan Markle “my princess” as she leaned in and gave her an affectionate hug.

First off, why was Beyoncé at the Premiere of the remake of the Lion King in London? She is one of the main characters in the live-action remake of this Disney classic, so she was in a sense, one of the prestigious guests of the evening.

Everything might seem to go just as planned at the premiere but Beyoncé and Jay-Z caused quite a hiccup for the Sussex’s security plan. They arrived a few minutes after Meghan and Harry arrived but they should have arrived ahead of time, so the Prince and his wife could make an entrance.

But since they arrived almost at the same time as the royals, their entrance “completely upstaged” the royal couple. The crowds gathered nearby in Leicester Square quickly forgot about the royals, but cheered them on loudly.

Beyoncé tweeted later about the event but she wasn’t apologetic and her fans justified her actions by stating the basic truth that Beyoncé is a queen.

But judging Meghan and Harry’s body language while chatting with the Carter’s indicates that they were very aware of the breech in protocol. But the broken protocol had nothing to do with the short embrace that they shared but had everything to do with Beyoncé’s arrival time.

By arriving late they totally disrupted the royal security’s carefully laid out plans and to make matters worse, their entrance upstaged the royal couple. The famous entertainers got more cheers than the Sussex’s, and that is a big no-no.

You probably noticed that there are no formal posed picture of the two couples together on the red carpet, as normally would happen. According to informants, Markle was advised not to make a move involving the singer, as she would be accused of being too Hollywood and not royal enough. But if she snubbed Beyoncé, she would be accused of being snobby.

Poor Meghan- there is no pleasing anyone. She was doomed no matter what she did or didn’t do.

That is why we only have videos and pictures of Meghan and Beyoncé chatting together. But are you curious as to what they were conversing about?

After a quick embrace, they both gushed over each other and started talking about their children. The Queen Bey eloquently complemented the duchess that her new baby, Archie Harrison was so beautiful. Meghan asked the Carter’s about their two-year old twins, Sir and Rumi Carter.

Sounds like a pretty normal conversation between two extraordinary mommies.

Harry even chimed in the conversation by telling the Carter’s that baby Archie is already holding his head up by himself. Mimicking how his little adorable looks, we have to admit that Harry looked like a proud daddy.

Beyoncé only had wonderful things to say about the royal couple, apparently completely unaware of the broken royal protocol. She posted on her Instagram account later about how sweet they were.

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