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Chiara Ferragni – Everything We Need to Know About How She Shops

Chiara Ferragni style

The Italian fashion blogger, influencer, designer and entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni, is most known for her blog, “The Blonde Salad.” Ferragni also hit the Forbes list for one of the “Top Ten Fashion Influencers in the world.”

In 2009, she launched her blog, “The Blonde Salad” and today she has more than 18 million followers on Instagram and has earned more than 30 million Euros.

She is invited by the most prestigious designers’ fashion shows. Top brands constantly send her items to post on her Instagram account. If she takes a picture of herself promoting an item, she is paid literally thousands of euros.

Her recent wedding, to the Italian rock star Fedez, was around the same time last year as Meghan Markel’s royal wedding. Ferragni was accused of using her influence to overshadow the royal nuptials.

Now, she is using her influence in a whole new direction by creating her very own documentary called: “Chiara Ferragni: Unposted.” The documentary will show off more intimate details of her life, such as how she negotiates with her husband for closet space and how she deals with her teenager’s tantrums.

Her new documentary will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, November 29, 2019. We are positive after her documentary airs that she will make her blog “The Blonde Salad” a household name.

But the question we want to know the answer to, is how does she shop? When she isn’t being paid to promote something, where does she shop? How much does she spend on herself and how does she decide what is essential or a splurge? On her blog, she has recently created a column entitled: “How I shop,” which describes all of those little details that we are dying to know.

But her documentary will give a glance into her actual everyday shopping habits, as her posts online-only show up to 40% of her real everyday life. The goal of her documentary is to portray to the world the other 60% of her life and how she really is and who she thinks she is. Plus, it will include candid comments from friends and family about their thoughts on Ferragni.

Her goal is to inspire others to pursue their dreams just as she has, by standing up for their values, ethics, etc.

The documentary will share her feelings when she was finally able to afford shopping at Gucci and Louis Vuitton. She also gets deep when she talks about her self-centered teenage years and acting out of sorts. Her career started when she was only 16-years old and started taking 500+ pictures of herself. One day her dad got furious with her, as she tried to discover her perfect angle on her new digital camera.

She would pinch pennies to buy designer clothes because her father wouldn’t buy them for her. She recalls how she wore out this neon green Ralph Lauren sweater and her Ugg boots. She said she felt so cool but wanted to capture her feeling in her pictures, that’s why she became obsessed with taking thousands and thousands of pictures.

Ferragni admits that her mom inspired her to be interested in fashion. She writes that mom helped me learn to love myself and focus on my happiness. She encouraged me to be myself, wear clothes my way, never exaggerating and use clothes to accessorize your personality.

Ferragni loves shopping, and mostly enjoys going shopping with close friends or family. If she falls in love with it right away, then she buys it. She never really thinks twice about buying something she loves, unless it is overpriced.

Since she receives so many items to promote, she avoids spending her money on items that she would only wear once, even if looked fantastic on her. Often what holds her back from impulse buying is her closet space.

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