Celebs Trends on April 18, 2019

Celebrities in Leggings – Proving to the world that leggings are really pants

We’re not sure when leggings transformed from part of a disco-party costume or a typical gym staple in the 80’s into this year’s biggest trend. Celebs suddenly started wearing them everywhere: at the airport, out jogging, getting coffee and even on the red carpet.

Whatever the reason for so-many gorgeous celebs walking around in the world’s comfiest skintight pants, we are pleased as punch, because they have helped make them part of our everyday attire.

The debate about whether leggings for women are actually pants – has ended! Was it even a debate? They have won a place in our closets and hearts and they are here to stay. Honestly, how could you give up the most comfortable and versatile pair of pants in the world? If you are like me you have more than five pairs in your closet!

The only negative thing anyone can say about ladies’ leggings is the fact that they can cause camel toes, but most of us wear them under a skirt or a long tunic. But celebs are wearing them as if they were actually pants, hey wait- they are really pants! They are breaking all of the rules that we thought we had to follow when wearing them and we are not complaining!

Celebs have changed the way we view Yoga pants and transforming them into a universal necessity. Check out how some of your favorite celebs inspire us to pull off this fashionable trend and ditch our old-fashioned jeans once and for all!

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Selena Gomez

Gomez proves to the world that leggings can be worn as pants, styling a slick pair of leggings that looks just like leather. She looks terrific in a nude pair and a sweater that hits right at her waist and finishes with a cute pair of black boots.

Selena Gomez witch leggings


Miranda Kerr

Miranda is making the high waisted legging a fashion staple while traveling or grabbing a cup of coffee. She breaks all of the rules with pull-on leather leggings by tucking in a gold plunging neckline top.

Miranda Kerr witch leggings



Z looks adorable in everything but especially in these black leggings with a drape-y layered top. Finishing up her causal-chic style with a pair of sneakers and a paper bag lunch in her hand!

Zendya witch leggings


Justine Skye

She is officially wearing leggings with a fake zipper and buttons making them look more like pants but breaking the rules by wearing this stylish look with a shirt that hits at her midriff. Justine looks amazing in her white cap and short graphic top.

Justine Skye witch leggings


Kendall Jenner

Honestly, have you ever seen her wearing something other than women’s leggings? Kendall looks badass in her high waisted leggings, short black top and leather jacket. Don’t see – no – camel toe there!

Kendall Jenner witch leggings

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