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Adriana Lima On The Hardest Moment Of Her Fitness Journey, Mental Toughness & Her Go-To Sneaker

Adriana Lima on Sports and Modeling

Our world has changed from more formal attire to a world of athleisure. Basically, you can wear any type of ensemble anywhere, unless there is a specified dress code. Years ago, it was considered to be socially unacceptable to wear gym or exercise wear outside of the gym. Yes, what a horrifying thought! Can you imagine not wearing your beloved leggings while traveling?

Nowadays, there is practically no distinction from street to gym wear, except for when it comes to our footwear. But the new PUMA LQD CELL Shatter sneaker wants you to flex your feet on both sides of the world by combining innovative cushioning technology that your feet will love.

Adriana Lima is the inspiration behind Puma’s latest sneaker. These shoes are designed to keep you grounded and give you an energy boost to go the extra mile, no matter what you are doing. Adriana Lima is the face and the feet behind the new LQD CELL Shatter.

The prismatic shape and the motivating color combo is enough to get any couch potato off the sofa and start moving. The actual sole of the shoe is made up of hexagon cells of foam cushioning that compress together to give you the support you need, no matter how hard you are working out.

Adriana Lima felt honoured to be chosen by Puma to be their main ambassador this year, mostly because they are an iconic brand with a long history of excellence. She feels very proud to be the main star for Puma’s high-energy campaign for the new LQD CELL Shatter.

When Adriana was asked how she would style this sneaker to take her from the gym to the street, she easily answered: “I’d wear them with a pair of leggings and an oversized hoodie to take it from the gym to the street.”

Adriana Lima is considered to be one of the most successful models of all time. But she is trying to diversify her career by breaking though shattering stereotypes. She admits that modelling since she was just a little girl, gives her that edge she needs to take a pretty picture. But she wants to be more than just a “pretty face”, she wants to be a remembered for being a kind and hard-working person and a businesswomen.

Her career demands a lot from her mentally and physically. She states that it is a struggle having to travel for work and leave her daughters at home, or even getting out of bed to go the gym. But she says that her source of inspiration is her two little girls who will grow up one day, and they need to learn that giving up is not an option.

One of the hardest moments in her fitness journey was finding the strength to move forward after giving birth. She felt her body had been pushed beyond its limits and her hormones and bone structure were restructured. Basically you have start all over again and find a whole new priority for your new life.

Her main go-to exercises are boxing as it helps her zone out and wash away all of her worries and stress. Plus, she enjoys the occasional hot Pilates and cardio dance classes to keep her body and mind in tip-top shape.

Adriana wants other moms and women to know that they are all magically queens and that everything you desire or want can be yours, only if you remain true to yourself. Just keep telling yourself that you got this!

Source: Read The Interview on refinery29

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